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Maybe It’s Time To Change The Channel.

Virtual Events, Virtual Seminars, Virtual Trade Shows, Hybrid Events

Event Studio

Don’t cancel your conference this year.
Make it safe by taking it virtual. Virtual event production can monetize your online conference and let the virtual event pay for itself. Why cancel when you can go virtual?

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Virtual Events, Virtual Seminars, Virtual Trade Shows, Hybrid Events

Sell More
Travel Less

Our virtual studio
puts the presentation on a virtual set with the highest possible augmented reality.
Deliver a branded virtual event with a more natural engagement
for the attendees.

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Virtual Events, Virtual Seminars, Virtual Trade Shows, Hybrid Events


Hybrid. Huge, even bigger than real life.
Get the intimacy and dynamics of real life with hybrid. Increased scalability. A universe of possibilities. Stream what work best for your event, and wait for the applause.

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Virtual Events, Virtual Seminars, Virtual Trade Shows, Hybrid Events

Your Sales Team

Why waste time, budgets and expectations old school, low performing trade shows? Up your game with the broadest, most advanced platform possible. Hybrid allows you to sell, demo & educate anywhere. Boost your sales without blowing your budget.

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Virtual Events, Virtual Seminars, Virtual Trade Shows, Hybrid Events

RendezVIEW™ Streaming Platform ~ Empowering Virtual/Hybrid Events

Are you looking for a high-level solution to help you plan your online event, broadcast, sporting event, series, stream, commercial, or product launch? Do you want your business event, broadcast, corporate event, product launch, or presentation to have the biggest impact possible? Do you wish to take advantage of the online world’s visual possibilities and marketing capabilities as well? RendezVIEW™ solves these problems with a platform as a service model enabling Broadcast quality video, effects and audio without costly servers stages or complex software.

Finally, an online event technology that changes “NOT ANOTHER ZOOM MEETING!” into “I’m Zooming to my meeting!”

Online events with the ‘old-fashioned’ vibe of live events. In today’s post covid era, virtual events have become the new standard. Say goodbye to the “not another zoom meeting!” reaction. Our virtual events are the kind  your target audiences wants to experience.. As a result, our platforms and products instantly restore people’s memories of offline events. We also take you to the next level with bespoke services and software that we develop in-house. Your audience will be captivated by a webinar, product launch, presentation, or online course. Viewers are actively involved in a conference, seminar, summit, kick-off, theme day, or session. A better solution is a curated one.

In a nutshell, it’s an online event that transforms viewers into active, visible participants.

There now, feel better? Call us, it gets easier.

RendezVIEW puts the virtue in virtual and the difference is worth watching.

With RendezVIEW from Appture Digital, you have complete control over your production environment for events, conventions, trade shows, conferences, theater and education using Virtual Production. The unreal comes to life with 4k multi-camera production, multi-track audio, live switching, remote guest video and virtual audiences.

We combine physical objects with camera motion in virtual space. Real-time rendering brings it all together. The program is recorded as it happens both as a live video mix and as individual video tracks, titles, effects and audio tracks for each channel. This enables both the archiving of content as a mixed production, but also as a project file that can be re-mixed or enhanced at any time.

Pursue your most ambitious ideas in any resolution.

Ideas that were previously unthinkable, impossible, or out of reach are both possible and affordable.

Virtual Events, Virtual Seminars, Virtual Trade Shows, Hybrid Events

End-to-End Event Management

Easy to use virtual event templates and stages provided, or upload your own designs, or let us create custom stages and virtual event sets for your brand.

Continuous Engagement

Produce highly interactive events that encourage ongoing interaction before, during, and after your events, regardless of how your audience arrives.

Better Results, Better Use of Budgets

Improve event ROI by leveraging analytics, monetization, and lead generation capabilities. You may also count on our team to assist you in making your event a success.

Supercharged Events

That Deliver Results.

Immersive, participatory and intuitive come to mind when describing a RendezVIEW event. With a broadcast TV level production, enhanced engagement capabilities and contextual content distribution, virtual events may be delivered the way attendees want. Engage your audience rather than talking at them. Use native chat, moderated Q&A, polling, participation and video sharing to empower your attendees to  interact with your brand, sponsors, and other attendees.

Virtual Events, Virtual Seminars, Virtual Trade Shows, Hybrid Events

Virtual Events, Virtual Seminars, Virtual Trade Shows, Hybrid Events

25 Years of Production Experience.

All Focused On Your Needs.

We have years of international film, television, and media production experience and knowledge. Our crew is also up to date on the most recent advancements. This translates to competent assistance on all fronts for you. Professionals and project managers are on standby to assist you. On both a technical and an artistic level. We’ll look at all the options together and advise you on the best equipment to use. No matter how high your expectations are, we focus our thinking on what you require.

Tiny Screens, Big Difference

We deliver content across platforms, to be sure, but we also can import video from mobile devices to appear as guests on our virtual stages.

Get Engaged. No Ring Required.

Higher resolution means better quality content, but with RendezVIEW there's no additional hardward or software required.

Reimagine Your Events

Are You Ready to Create Events That Transform?

Create a seamless experience that attendees can enjoy from anywhere, on any device, with RendezVIEW™ Events.

Extend your reach, create a community, and engage audiences all over the world. Obtain more information, comments, and interaction from in-person and distant viewers. Create inclusive events with simultaneous translation capabilities that cater to a wide range of global voices.

Virtual Events, Virtual Seminars, Virtual Trade Shows, Hybrid Events

It’s a Green Screen.

But We’re Far From Being Green At This.

The intricacies of technology, cameras, audio production, content creation and distribution, reporting, analytics and server manage can set even the best Marketers on their heels. We recognized this years ago when we first started (remember super 8 film?). Now we’re pleased to partner with our customers on any of those details as a part of our curated support options. Ask for details.


It’s Powerful, Easy To Use and Affordable.

Awe-inspiring visuals. Game changing impact. Multi-camera, multilocation attendees. Live support from US experts. We’ve got what you need to tell your story, train your team and watch your business grow, in real time.Need an event marketing consultant? Why hire them, when you can hire us? Crack open a cold one, and we’ll take it from here. No other virtual marketing company can say that.


A well-executed virtual event marketing campaign will naturally enhance awareness of the event and, in effect, your brand among your target customer base.


Beyond awareness, the event must be positioned among your key personas as a ``can't miss`` opportunity. Customers, prospects, key channel partners, and industry influencers will be among them.


Track pre-event, during-event, and after-event participation by business-specific goals. Virtual event goals should always be integrated with a wider corporate goal or goals, just like any other expenditure.


Prospect meetings held prior to, during, and after the event, as well as Sales Qualified Opportunities (SQOs) that are entirely or partially attributable to the event.


Intelligently built, incredibly easy to use. Update content at any time. Insert new chapters, insert new products, insert new programs using your prior virtual stage, classroom or location.


Move your event to virtual with optional interactive agenda, indoor maps, and customized logistics. Go virtual on your sales strategy and stretch budgets further without boarding a plane.


Perfectionists with a sense of humour. Overachievers who enjoy having a good time. We focus on flawless execution across the process of designing, creating, delivering, and measuring your program.


Your brand isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. We believe that the only way to stand out and make the most of an unusual year for trade show and event professionals is to create a custom-developed virtual experience tailored to your and your team's aims.


Go ahead, promote your event. There’s no limit to the number of downloads and no extra charge for them on any platform.


We create digital experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make clients happy.
Our core strength and key value to clients is the ability to turn deep insights into marketing with greater stopping power & relevance, leading to greater results.

Medical products & Capital Equipment

Branding, Technology Services

Municipal Government

Education & Public Safety

Construction & Contracting

Property Management & Trade Services

Manufacturing & Distribution

Business To Business Growth

Health Care & Clinical Care

Process Management & Business Growth 

Consumer Products & Services

Branding, Marketing & Technology Services

Virtual Events, Virtual Seminars, Virtual Trade Shows, Hybrid Events

Pick an Event

Marketplace events are searchable by experience type, budget, lead time and number of attendees to perfectly match your event goals. Custom and on-demand events available at your finger tips.

Setup & Send

Custom and personalized emails and landing pages that include the streaming link of your choice. One-click sending for all things included in your event package, including calendar invites, reminder emails, address collection, and shipping notifications.

Run The Event

Everything is setup and managed for you so all you need to do is login and participate. Enjoy a stress-free experience where the agenda is handled by the Postal Experiences Team to ensure you deliver a memorable event for all attendees.

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